Meet Our Staff

We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff that strives for student academic excellence. Our teachers are continually improving their instructional practices to improve student achievement, using a variety of strategies to address different learning styles and differing levels of need among students. All of our teachers are fully credentialed with an average of 20 years of experience.

Ashton, Darius Principal [email protected]
Luong, Mimi Associate Principal [email protected]
Pearson, Mae UTK [email protected]
Rillera, Suzanna UTK [email protected]
Strong, Catherine UTK [email protected]
Tamburine Susanne UTK [email protected]
Bartig, Karyn K [email protected]
Dreas, Jason K [email protected]
Junghans, Debra K [email protected]
Zeitounian, Abigail K [email protected]
Jones, Daphne K/1 [email protected]
Eden, Laura 1 [email protected]
Mitchell, Vanessa / Pierce, Maureen 1 [email protected]
Saipe, Claudia 1 [email protected]
Sanchez, Jane 1 [email protected]
Badino, Jennifer 2 [email protected]
Barber, Robert 2 [email protected]
Jefferson, Felicsia 2 [email protected]
Sivers, Julie 2 [email protected]
Fitzgibbons, Patricia 2/3 [email protected]
McBride-Beaulieu, Michelle 3 [email protected]
Post, Cathleen 3 [email protected]
Salongo, Donna 3 [email protected]
Vaughan, Tamara 3 [email protected]
Barham, Phil 4 [email protected]
deLeon, Kisha 4 [email protected]
Stephens-Yoder, Rhoda 4 [email protected]
Frasure, Allyson 5 [email protected]
Patch, Regina 5 [email protected]
Tran, Theresa 5 [email protected]
Biscocho, Monica Mild/Mod (2-5) [email protected]
Klemensburg, Michelle  Mild/Mod [email protected]
Osterlund, Stephanie Mild/Mod (UTK-1) [email protected]
Battle, Lindsey Mod/Severe [email protected]
Smith, Linda Mod/Severe [email protected]
Chiles, Debbie ECSE [email protected]
Jackson, Vanessa ECSE [email protected]
Keo, Alyssa ECSE [email protected]
Bearden, Andrew Music [email protected]
Tom, Sally Counselor [email protected]
Willingham, Rochelle Psychologist [email protected]

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